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Bug#690706: release-notes: kFreeBSD-* speaks a lot about udev & linux kernel

David Prévot <taffit@debian.org> a écrit
>> +<para arch="kfreebsd-i386;amd64">
>I guess this was meant to be “kfreebsd-amd64” instead of “amd64”.
Yes, right. So happy to build something that I didn't check this !
Attached is the corrected patch.

>> -<section id="cryptoloop">
>> +<section id="cryptoloop"
>> arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
> I would be much more comfortable if we could use a syntax à la
> 	<section id="cryptoloop" noarch="kfreebsd-i386;kfreebsd-amd64">
> because the hardcoded list of non-kfreebsd will bite us as soon as we’ll
> add a new Linux architecture. I haven’t yet looked at how hard it will
> be to implement.

Christoph Egger a écrit
>A linux-any would be ideal I guess. Handling the hurd and
>kfeebsd-$whatever cases fine as well ;-)

I agree, but I didn't find anything, so I give up !


diff -u -r svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/en/issues.dbk travail/manuals/release-notes/en/issues.dbk
--- svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/en/issues.dbk	2013-03-22 20:43:19.000000000 +0100
+++ travail/manuals/release-notes/en/issues.dbk	2013-03-22 22:58:13.000000000 +0100
@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@
 read the errata, the relevant packages' documentation, bug reports and other
 information mentioned in <xref linkend="morereading"/>.
-<section id="udev" condition="fixme">
+<section id="udev" condition="fixme" arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
 <title>Problems with devices related to udev</title>
 Although <systemitem role="package">udev</systemitem> has been tested
diff -u -r svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/en/upgrading.dbk travail/manuals/release-notes/en/upgrading.dbk
--- svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/en/upgrading.dbk	2013-03-22 20:43:19.000000000 +0100
+++ travail/manuals/release-notes/en/upgrading.dbk	2013-03-23 17:05:46.000000000 +0100
@@ -105,7 +105,9 @@
 upgrade process to complete.</para></footnote>, you can reduce the downtime if
 you do a minimal system upgrade, as described in <xref
 linkend="minimal-upgrade"/>, followed by a kernel upgrade and reboot (see <xref
-linkend="upgrading-udev"/>), and then upgrade the packages associated with your
+arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x" linkend="upgrading-udev"/>
+<xref arch="kfreebsd-i386;kfreebsd-amd64" linkend="upgrading-kernel"/>), 
+and then upgrade the packages associated with your
 critical services. Upgrade these packages  prior to doing the full upgrade
 described in <xref linkend="upgrading-full"/>.  This way you can ensure that
 these critical services are running and available through the full upgrade
@@ -132,7 +134,7 @@
 <!-- FIXME: Is there a risk in Lenny for this to happen? -->
 <!-- Another option would be an automatic reboot to a previous kernel using
 Davor Ocelic's testnet script or similar --> 
+<para arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
 If you are upgrading remotely via an <command>ssh</command> link it is highly
 recommended that you take the necessary precautions to be able to access the
 server through a remote serial terminal.  There is a chance that, after
@@ -142,6 +144,16 @@
 accidentally in the middle of an upgrade there is a chance you will need to
 recover using a local console.
+<para arch="kfreebsd-i386;kfreebsd-amd64">
+If you are upgrading remotely via an <command>ssh</command> link it is highly
+recommended that you take the necessary precautions to be able to access the
+server through a remote serial terminal.  There is a chance that, after
+upgrading the kernel and rebooting, you will have to fix the system
+configuration through a local console.  Also, if the system is rebooted
+accidentally in the middle of an upgrade there is a chance you will need to
+recover using a local console.
 <!-- FIXME: The next paragraph might not be true for Lenn? -->
 The most obvious thing to try first is to reboot with your old kernel.
@@ -879,7 +891,7 @@
 that this is not absolutely required, users could do a dist-upgrade
 and then reboot. This is, however, the recommended path to be on the 
 safe side -->
-<section id="upgrading-udev">
+<section id="upgrading-udev" arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
 <title>Upgrading the kernel and udev</title>
 The <systemitem role="package">udev</systemitem> version in &releasename;
@@ -966,6 +978,19 @@
+<!--Maybe this little section for kfreebsd-* is useless ...-->
+<section id="upgrading-kernel" arch="kfreebsd-i386;kfreebsd-amd64">
+<title>Upgrading the kernel</title>
+You should reboot the system 
+<footnote><para>If you are logging the upgrade as described in
+<xref linkend="upgradingpackages"/>, please, use <command>script</command> again
+to log the next steps of the upgrade after the reboot in order to log the
+result of the actions described in <xref linkend="upgrading-full"/>.
+once you have upgraded the kernel.
 <section id="upgrading-full">
 <title>Upgrading the system</title>
@@ -1044,7 +1069,7 @@
-<section id="cryptoloop">
+<section id="cryptoloop" arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
 <title>cryptoloop support not included in the &releasename; Linux kernel</title>
 Support for cryptoloop has been dropped from the Linux kernel packages
@@ -1286,7 +1311,7 @@
 <!-- TODO: need to be reviewed with information from http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=571255 -->
-<section id="newkernel">
+<section id="newkernel" arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
 <title>Upgrading your kernel and related packages</title>
 This section explains how to upgrade your kernel and identifies potential
@@ -1386,7 +1411,7 @@
 <!-- FIXME: REVIEW for Squeeze this was written for Lenny - drop? (jfs) -->
 <section id="boot-timing">
 <title>Boot timing issues</title>
+<para arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
 If an initrd created with <systemitem
 role="package">initramfs-tools</systemitem> is used to boot the system, in some
 cases the creation of device files by <systemitem
@@ -1531,7 +1556,7 @@
     upgrading, read ahead.
-  <section id="avoid-problems-before-upgrading">
+  <section id="avoid-problems-before-upgrading" arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
     <title>How to avoid the problem before upgrading</title>
@@ -1681,7 +1706,7 @@
 <!-- FIXME: This section might not be relevant anymore for Squeeze
   but could be turned into a generic section on how to recover from
   issues -->
-  <section id="how-to-recover">
+  <section id="how-to-recover" arch="alpha;amd64;armel;armhf;i386;ia64;mips;mipsel;powerpc;sparc;s390;s390x">
     <title>How to recover from the problem after the upgrade</title>
     <section id="solution1">
diff -u -r svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/Makefile travail/manuals/release-notes/Makefile
--- svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/Makefile	2013-03-22 18:32:03.000000000 +0100
+++ travail/manuals/release-notes/Makefile	2013-03-23 16:15:33.000000000 +0100
@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
 # TODO: This regexp does not match kfreebsd-i386 or kfreebsd-amd64 add '\-'
 # to the arch= regex when they need to be enabled
 arches := $(shell grep '<phrase arch=' $(CURDIR)/$(manual).ent \
-		| sed 's/.* arch=.\([a-z0-9]*\).*/\1/' | sort -u)
+		| sed 's/.* arch=.\([a-z0-9\-]*\).*/\1/' | sort -u)
 ifeq "$(OFFICIALWEBBUILD)" "true"
   install_file	:= install -m 2664 -p
diff -u -r svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/release-notes.ent travail/manuals/release-notes/release-notes.ent
--- svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/release-notes.ent	2013-03-22 18:32:03.000000000 +0100
+++ travail/manuals/release-notes/release-notes.ent	2013-03-22 22:59:45.000000000 +0100
@@ -80,7 +80,9 @@
 		    --><phrase arch='powerpc'>powerpc</phrase><!--
 		    --><phrase arch='sparc'>sparc</phrase><!--
 		    --><phrase arch='s390'>s390</phrase><!--
-		    --><phrase arch='s390x'>s390x</phrase>">
+		    --><phrase arch='s390x'>s390x</phrase><!--
+		    --><phrase arch='kfreebsd-i386'>kfreebsd-i386</phrase><!--
+		    --><phrase arch='kfreebsd-amd64'>kfreebsd-amd64</phrase>">
 <!-- proper nouns for architectures -->
 <!ENTITY arch-title "<phrase arch='alpha'>Alpha</phrase><!--
@@ -94,7 +96,9 @@
 		  --><phrase arch='powerpc'>PowerPC</phrase><!--
 		  --><phrase arch='sparc'>SPARC</phrase><!--
 		  --><phrase arch='s390'>S/390</phrase><!--
-		  --><phrase arch='s390x'>IBM System z</phrase>">
+		  --><phrase arch='s390x'>IBM System z</phrase><!--
+		  --><phrase arch='kfreebsd-i386'>kFreeBSD 32-bits PC</phrase><!--
+		  --><phrase arch='kfreebsd-amd64'>kFreeBSD 64-bits PC</phrase>">
 <!-- default kernel version, taken from d-i... -->
 <!ENTITY kernelversion "<phrase arch='amd64'>3.2</phrase><!--
@@ -107,4 +111,6 @@
                      --><phrase arch='powerpc'>3.2</phrase><!--
                      --><phrase arch='sparc'>3.2</phrase><!--
                      --><phrase arch='s390'>3.2</phrase><!--
-                     --><phrase arch='s390x'>3.2</phrase>">
+                     --><phrase arch='s390x'>3.2</phrase><!--
+		     --><phrase arch='kfreebsd-i386'>9.0</phrase><!--
+		     --><phrase arch='kfreebsd-amd64'>9.0</phrase>">
diff -u -r svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/test-build.sh travail/manuals/release-notes/test-build.sh
--- svn.debian.org/manuals/release-notes/test-build.sh	2013-03-22 18:32:03.000000000 +0100
+++ travail/manuals/release-notes/test-build.sh	2013-03-23 16:15:42.000000000 +0100
@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@
 # Extract the information
-arches=`grep '<phrase arch=' $name.ent | sed 's/.* arch=.\([a-z0-9]*\).*/\1/' | sort -u`
+arches=`grep '<phrase arch=' $name.ent | sed 's/.* arch=.\([a-z0-9\-]*\).*/\1/' | sort -u`
 langs=`grep "^LANGUAGES " Makefile | sed 's/.*=//'`
 # Check if the information we have is OK to proceeded

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