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Re: maint-guide updates (DocBook XML conversion)


I translated maint-guide to polish, but at the moment I don't have any time for this at all.

I'm sorry, but my help could be very limited.

Wojciech Zaręba

On 05.03.11, Osamu Aoki  <osamu@debian.org> wrote:

> Dear translators of the maint-guide package.
> (Please respond to debian-doc mailing list.)
> Since squeeze is out, it is good time to make major changes.
> I have been working on converting the maint-guide package to DocBook
> XML.  So far, I am successful.  I will commit it within a few weeks
> unless I see major issue.
> Any translation parts which grossly differ from the original English are
> dropped.  (This is somehow automated by matching tags between English
> and translation string in PO files.)
> If you have problem in English text, now is the good time to ask
> changes.
> This conversion are done only for current up-to-date languages which
> uses PO file system: de ca es fr it ja zh-cn zh-tw
> I will not keep outdated translations
>   pl:          relatively new
>   ko pt-br ru: very old
> Quite frankly, it may be easier to use fresh PO file to start translation
> while copying some texts from generated HTML files of old ones in stable
> archive if the translations are very old.  (Even polish is not easy..)
> If any of the translator can send me even partially translated PO files,
> I will include them.  If someone who speak such language helps me, I can
> help converting one way or another.
> I will likely start removing outdated SGML files soon.  If someone wants
> to check these in future as reference for updating translation, he or
> she can get them for many years from Debian package archive and SVN
> repository.
> My plan:
>  * Get as much content converted to PO (#1 de, #2 pl).
>  * Convert them and sync with my local repository.
>  * Replace Debian one with new ones.
> Regards,
> Osamu
> See: http://wiki.debian.org/DocbookXmlTransition (http://wiki.debian.org/DocbookXmlTransition) for general XML
>      conversion information.  debiandoc-sgml package and its scripts are
>      now debugged by using them for these conversion.  So if you want to use
>      them for conversion, let me know so I will upload new one.

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