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maint-guide updates (DocBook XML conversion)

Dear translators of the maint-guide package.
(Please respond to debian-doc mailing list.)

Since squeeze is out, it is good time to make major changes.

I have been working on converting the maint-guide package to DocBook
XML.  So far, I am successful.  I will commit it within a few weeks
unless I see major issue.

Any translation parts which grossly differ from the original English are
dropped.  (This is somehow automated by matching tags between English
and translation string in PO files.)

If you have problem in English text, now is the good time to ask

This conversion are done only for current up-to-date languages which
uses PO file system: de ca es fr it ja zh-cn zh-tw

I will not keep outdated translations
  pl:          relatively new
  ko pt-br ru: very old

Quite frankly, it may be easier to use fresh PO file to start translation
while copying some texts from generated HTML files of old ones in stable
archive if the translations are very old.  (Even polish is not easy..)

If any of the translator can send me even partially translated PO files,
I will include them.  If someone who speak such language helps me, I can
help converting one way or another.

I will likely start removing outdated SGML files soon.  If someone wants
to check these in future as reference for updating translation, he or
she can get them for many years from Debian package archive and SVN

My plan:
 * Get as much content converted to PO (#1 de, #2 pl).
 * Convert them and sync with my local repository.
 * Replace Debian one with new ones.



See: http://wiki.debian.org/DocbookXmlTransition for general XML
     conversion information.  debiandoc-sgml package and its scripts are
     now debugged by using them for these conversion.  So if you want to use
     them for conversion, let me know so I will upload new one.

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