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Please update the translations of the Release Notes for Squeeze (Debian 6.0)

Hi everyone,

[BCC'ing the translation coordinator's for this document, sorry if you get
duplicates ]

<mode="RN editor's hat" on>

As you might have already read [1] the current target date for the release of
Debian 6.0 - "Squeeze"  is the next weekend (5th and 6th Februrary).

This means that translators should be working throughout this week on the
Release Notes if they want their (finished) translations to be available 
on the initial CD/DVD/BD disk sets.

The current status of translations should be found at:
As it is now: 8 languages are either finished or very close to being finished
and 12 languages are still unfinished.

As you might see in the BTS [2] there are still a number of bugs open against
the Release Notes which means that the (english) content might suffer
variations throughout the week. We don't expect a lot of changes in the
existing content, but new content might pop-up. We might not be able to 
"freeze" the changes to content until (maybe) early Friday (February 4th).

Translators should ensure that they are working with up-to-date PO files
(i.e. run the 'update-po' target of the Makefile target). To prevent you from
updating the PO files of other translators please use the following:

    make update-po LINGUA=<YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE>

Those translators already working on the PO files or who have finished their
translations should update the PO files throughout the week to ensure that
all the content is fully translated.

If you need help, please contact the Release Notes editor at debian-doc.

Please note that the work on the Release Notes will not be finished on the
release date. Translations that are submitted after the release date will
still be made available at the website and will be included in the disk sets
for the 6.0r1 release (whenever that happens)

Please also take the opportunity of reviewing the README.translator's file
and reviewing that the contact details for the current translators for your
language (as well as the Coordinator) are properly indicated.

<mode="RN editor's hat" off>

Best Regards and Happy Hacking^Wtranslating !


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2011/01/msg00003.html
[2] http://bugs.debian.org/release-notes

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