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(forw) svn write access for release-notes

Forwarding this to -doc....

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Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 16:24:21 +0200
From: Stan Ioan-Eugen <stan.ieugen@gmail.com>
To: debian-i18n@lists.debian.org
Subject: svn write access for release-notes
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My name is Ioan-Eugen Stan and I'm translating the release notes into
Romanian (hopefully some other people will join me, I'm counting esp
on Andrei Popescu). Unfortunately the Debian community is not that
active lately.

I'm writing because I don't have update permissions to SVN, and it
seems nobody in romanian-l10n has.

I know that Debian Squeeze is due on 5th of february. There is a
chance that I can translate the release notes in time to be included
(I don't yet know the dead line) but I don't have update permissions
to ddp SVN.

I have been involved on the list and contributed to past release notes
translation, po-debconf translations, you can check the list.
I need SVN update permissions or at least someone to upload the files.
Also, another thing, how much time do I have?

Ioan-Eugen Stan

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