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Bug#599184: [PATCH] Drop backports.org from 'upgrading' section

There doesn't seem to be necessary as lenny-bpo should upgrade cleanly
to squeeze.


Signed-off-by: Julien Cristau <jcristau@debian.org>
 en/upgrading.dbk |   26 --------------------------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)

diff --git a/en/upgrading.dbk b/en/upgrading.dbk
index 5146ff5..d14832e 100644
--- a/en/upgrading.dbk
+++ b/en/upgrading.dbk
@@ -429,32 +429,6 @@ unless it has been defined to replace that package.  </para> </footnote>.
 conflicts if they should occur.
-<!-- FIXME: REVIEW for Squeeze this was written for Lenny - Rewrite as backports is
-  official now - #599184  -->
-  <title>Using <literal>backports.org</literal> packages</title>
-  <para>
-    <literal>backports.org</literal> is a semi-official repository
-    provided by &debian; developers, which provides newer packages for
-    the stable release, based on a rebuild from the packages from the
-    <quote>testing</quote> archive.
-  </para>
-  <para>
-    The <literal>backports.org</literal> repository mainly contains packages
-    from <quote>testing</quote>, with reduced version numbers
-    so that the upgrade path from &oldreleasename; backports to
-    &releasename; still works.  However, there are a few backports
-    which are made from unstable: security updates, plus the following
-    exceptions: Firefox, the Linux kernel, OpenOffice.org, and X.Org.
-  </para>
-  <para>
-    If you do not use one of these exceptions, you can safely upgrade
-    to &releasename;.  If you use one of these exceptions, set the
-    <literal>Pin-Priority</literal> (see <citerefentry> <refentrytitle>apt_preferences</refentrytitle> <manvolnum>5</manvolnum> </citerefentry>)
-    temporarily to <literal>1001</literal> for all packages from &releasename;,
-    and you should be able to do a safe dist-upgrade too.
-  </para>

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