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Re: releasenotes

On Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 10:51:52AM +0100, Justin B Rye wrote:
> People are talking about the Squeeze release notes being nearly
> ready for a call for translations.  I hope they are remembering that
> before the call for translations there needs to be a quick
> debian-l10n-english proofreading run-through, and before *that* we
> need to come up with some factually accurate content.

Who says that the Release Notes are ready? If you take a look at the SVN
nobody has really started working on them to prepare them for the next
release. So they are far from being close to a "call for translation

> It has always seemed to me that using a summary of the notable
> differences between Release-A and Release-B as the basis for our
> summary of the notable differences between Release-B and Release-C
> is a rather effective labour-wasting strategy.

There are some chapters of the release notes which are similar from one
release to the other, but most of the editing of the Release Notes in
previous releases took place *after* the release notes editors had tested
upgrades such as:

 - from a barebones release-1 install to release
 - from a 'destop task' installation of release-1 to release
 - from a 'server task' installation of release-1 to release

[ Hopefully both in a virtual and real environment. ]

Also, release notes are heavily influenced by upgrade reports submitted by
users as they document caveats that need to be taken into account.



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