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release notes: remove some obsolete content from issues.dbk


the following patches drop a bunch of stuff from issues.dbk (the "Issues
to be aware of for squeeze" chapter) which were only relevant for lenny
or even earlier releases.

 en/issues.dbk |  137 +--------------------------------------------------------
 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 136 deletions(-)

Some other things I noticed while reading this chapter, but aren't
included in this patch series:
- the "no-sound" section needs to be updated, the alsaconf utility was
  removed in alsa-utils 1.0.17-1, and users shouldn't need to be in the
  audio group since permissions are handled with ACLs and consolekit
  these days
- I think the whole "upgrade to 2.6" section can get removed as well
- the apache2 section might not be relevant anymore; maybe check with
  the apache maintainers if something needs to be kept there?
- same for the nis section
- I asked Joss to file a bug to provide content for the gnome section,
  the kde one needs to be revamped since squeeze introduces kde4
- the sparc section documents an issue in lenny r0, iirc fixed in r1


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