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Re: [maint-guide] make -j1


On Wed, 31 Mar 2010, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> I understand your feeling that -j1 option is spurious to "make".
> But these are there in real life if you run current debhelper dh_auto_*.
> I tested these with test packages Until then, I did not have these
> here).  These values can be changed by DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS when --parallel
> is used.
>    --parallel
>        Enable parallel builds if underlying build system supports them.
>        The number of parallel jobs is controlled by the DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS
>        environment variable ("Debian Policy, section 4.9.1") at build
>        time. It might also be subject to a build system specific limit.

I know this but the public of maint-guide is packaging beginners and
mentionning -j1 doesn't help them. And in fact -j1 is not always used, as
you mention it might be -j2 or some other values if parallel building is

> I am leaning to ward reverting these changes while adding small footnote to
> lead people to this fact.  These seems trivial point but it is important
> when people start debugging for parallel build issues.  

If you want to treat of parallel build issues, do it in a separate
section. Giving too much details at the beginning is counter productive.

Raphaël Hertzog

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