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Anomaly with quotes in Release Notes for Swedish

I was revisiting the release notes for Lenny and noticed a strange anomaly in how quotes are handled.

In Swedish we not use ' as quote mark, we only use ". With this said we do allow ' for quotes in quotes.
"This is my 'quote'" would be valid. Not the most common but valid.

If it was just a matter of switching something to use " instead of ' I would be happy but I noticed that in the HTML and Plain text documents at www.d.o the rendering is " while the PDF once have '.

What can I do? Is the correct thing to do just switch all ' and <quote> to \"?

First avtual line of text.
from browser:
i version 5.0 (kodnamn ”lenny”).
from source:
...i version 5.0 (kodnamn ”<span class="quote">lenny</span>”).

i version 5.0 (kodnamn ”lenny”).

i version 5.0 (kodnamn ’lenny’).

i version &release; (kodnamn <quote>&releasename;</quote>).

apperently I added the use of <quote> in revision 6181 but the original string uses \".

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