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Bug#514657: release-notes: Docbook tags inflexibility

Quoting "Daniel Leidert" <daniel.leidert@wgdd.de>:
I suggest that you use some other element than <quote>: maybe use
<emphasis> (and in <emphasis> you can use <quote>).

Assigning back. This is not an issue in docbook-xml. If you are not
satisfied with the DTD/schema, this has to be sent as a formal request
and discussed with the DocBook TC. Pleaes reassign to docbook-xml, if
that's your intention.

I believe, that the intention was exactly that: Allow the use of
the quote element inside of the contrib element. Which, of course
means, it has to be agreed on with the whole DocBook body.

But maybe the reporter is satisfied with the workaround you present
in the upper paragraph. Helge, is the solution using the emphasis
and the quote element OK for you? In that case you could just use
it and we close the bug.

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