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Bug#514657: release-notes: Docbook tags inflexibility

reassign 514657 release-notes

This report is a waste of my time. The error is clear:

| element contrib: validity error : Element quote is not declared in contrib list of possible children

Compare to: http://www.docbook.org/tdg/en/html/contrib.html

You violate the DocBook DTD and I'm surprised that you call this
"inflexibility". It's the function of the DTD to declare the markup
structure and restrictions. You can of course customize the DocBook DTD
for your needs (this might require further customization of the

I suggest that you use some other element than <quote>: maybe use
<emphasis> (and in <emphasis> you can use <quote>).

Assigning back. This is not an issue in docbook-xml. If you are not
satisfied with the DTD/schema, this has to be sent as a formal request
and discussed with the DocBook TC. Pleaes reassign to docbook-xml, if
that's your intention.

Regards, Daniel

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