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Bug#515616: release-notes: Add "Errata" fonts upgrade from etch to lenny problem

Hola W. Martin Borgert!

El 14/03/2009 a las 11:04 escribiste:
> I don't understand the last sentence: "The problem can be
> resolved by upgrading the other parts of fontconfig
> (libfontconfig1 and fontconfig-config) to the latest versions."
> Do you mean users should upgrade these packages first and than
> upgrade the font packages? If so, I suggest: "The problem can be 
> resolved by upgrading the packages libfontconfig1 and
> fontconfig-config before upgrading the rest of the system, esp.
> any font packages." (Beware: I'm not a native en speaker.)

That would be, before upgrading the fontconfig package or any font package.

The problem is that when doing apt-get upgrade in a common etch installation,
fontconfig gets upgraded but libfontconfig1 and fontconfig-config don't. So
that all fonts will fail at config stage. So it would be wise to upgrade
fontconfig libfontconfig1 fontconfig-config before issuing an apt-get upgrade.

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