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www-master got upgraded to lenny


 Just to inform you, klecker aka www-master got upgraded to lenny. If
you notice any strangeness in the building of the website, e.g. missing
fonts for the release note building or anything else, please don't
hesitate to bring up the issues so we can get things fixed quickly.

 Also Peter Palfrader suggested that we should produce a list of
packages that we depend on to have installed so that future similar
upgrades (or moves or whatever) can be done without too much troubles
and guessing around. If you know of any specific needs (I'm working on
at least grepping through the webwml tree for all the used perl modules,
and wml, cvs + subversion are also obvious dependencies ...) pretty
please bring them up.

 Thanks in advance, and I hope the upgrade didn't cause too much

 So long. :)

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