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Bug#518677: Should add a note about squeeze packages in etch-backports?

Chris Butler wrote:
> Package: release-notes
> Severity: normal
> As discussed on backports-users[1], the paragraph about backports.org is
> now a bit confusing. Now that lenny has been released, there are some
> packages from squeeze going into etch-backports. However, the lenny release
> notes state:
> Using backports.org packages
>     backports.org is a semi-official repository provided by Debian GNU/Linux
>     developers, which provides newer packages for the stable release, based
>     on a rebuild from the packages from the “testing” archive.
>     The backports.org repository mainly contains packages from “testing”,
>     with reduced version numbers so that the upgrade path from etch
>     backports to lenny still works.

I guess a s/lenny/lenny + lenny-backports/ is the current situation.

> This last paragraph suggests that the packages in etch-backports all have
> lower versions than their respective packages in lenny so that any updates
> to the lenny package will be installed over the old package from
> etch-backports. Since this is no longer the case, I think there needs to be
> a note added here to inform users they may have packages installed from
> etch-backports which are versions from squeeze.



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