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Bug#499093: use large-memory in lilo.conf instead of MODULES=dep?

I'm not 100% sure that this is the same problems but when upgrading lilo
it told me:

| By default, LILO loads the initrd file into the first 15MB of memory
| to avoid a BIOS limitation with older systems (earlier than 2001).
| However, with newer kernels the combination of kernel and initrd may
| not fit into the first 15MB of memory and so the system will not boot
| properly. It seems that the boot issues appear when the kernel+initrd
| combination is larger than 8MB.
| If this machine has a recent BIOS without the 15MB limitation, you can
| add the 'large-memory' option to /etc/lilo.conf to instruct LILO to
| use more memory for passing the initrd to the kernel. You will need to
| re-run the 'lilo' command to make this option take effect.

This seems to suggest that instead of setting MODULES=dep
in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf you could also answer Yes to this
lilo question. I have tried this out and my system still boots.

The release notes should probably be updated to reflect this (unless
someone knows a reason not to).

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