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Re: Release Notes build logs?

On 2009-01-29 00:13, Simon Paillard wrote:
> The question is less "how" than "is that a good idea, and how to detect
> hidden failures".

True. How about a script that tests the result (as last step of
make)? Sth. like:
- are all expected txt, html, and pdf files present?
- are all files > 0 bytes?
- do the pdf files have at least X pages? (I did sth. similar
  in the check target of the refcard Makefile, using pdfinfo.)
- do the txt file have at least Y lines and
- does file identify them as "UTF-8 Unicode ... text"?
- some check of the html files, maybe using tidy
Write PASS or FAIL at end of the log, so one would have only to
look at the last line and check only in case of FAIL.
Such test would even detect errors, if the build went well, but
produced broken output.

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