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Romanian Etch Release Notes fail to build


according to http://www-master.debian.org/build-logs/webwml/release-notes.log.0
the Romanian Etch Release Notes fail to build. Also
is bogusly encoded.

$ make architecture=alpha release-notes.ro.sgml
in ro/ generates release-notes.ro.sgml which is encoded in UTF-8. It needs
to be converted into latin2 (by simple uncommenting the ENCODING line in
Makefile) but this fails:

$ iconv -f utf-8 -t ISO-8859-2 release-notes.ro.sgml
<chapt id="about">
    Scopul principal al acestor note de lansare este de a informa
    utilizatorii despre schimb�rile majore din aceast� versiune a
    distribuiconv: illegal input sequence at position 1094

Strange! The translation comes from the PO file which is latin2 based.
Why am I unable to convert it back???? I even compared the text from SGML
and PO via diff, it's identical (and release-notes.ro.sgml seems to be
proper UTF-8, right?).

To be honest I assume a problem with iconv and glibc. Since I know that the
Lenny Release Notes contain a paragraph about changes in the Romanian keymap
I wonder whether this problem is related?

Can anyone help?

PS: Yep, locale -m contains ISO-8859-2 in the output, so this encoding is


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