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Re: Possible English language issues with Etch Release Notes

On 2009-01-25 23:00, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On updating the Romanian translation I found following wordings, that 
> seem... strange:

Yes. I'm not a native speaker neither, however.

> ...but that when you check

...but if you check... ?

> ...make sure OSS modules unloaded

The whole sentence is difficult. I suggest:

...make sure, that the sound levels are up and unmuted, that arts or
esound are not running, that the OSS modules are unloaded, and the
speakers are actually switched on. Check...

> not default support for unicode in emacs21*

That is already changed to: "No default support for Unicode in
emacs21*". Better?

> In case you correct these please also unfuzzy Romanian (unless you make 
> major changes of course).

In case of ALSA vs. OSS I would change the sentence, indeed.

I will do the changes now. Please protest now :~)

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