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Re: Debian 5.0 ("lenny") release notes: Call for translations, again

On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 11:10:46PM +0100, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> Hello world,
> sorry for repeating myself: It's high time to translate the
> release notes. The current statistics doesn't look good:

> es: 0 translated messages, 734 untranslated messages.

The current stats for Spanish are much better.

The reason that these statistics did not look good could be that no
effor has been done, by those that changed the sources format from
Debiandoc-sgml to Docbook-SGML and to  using PO4A, to make translator's work

Actually, I recently found out that the Spanish team was actually *redoing*
the translation when much of the document had been translated (and reviewed)
years ago! The (new) translators found the PO files empty and started from

Anyway, for those that want to revive a translation by using Etch's here are
some tips:

- go to SVN's manuals/tags/etch/release-notes/LANG directory
- run 
po4a-gettextize -f sgml -m release-notes.en.sgml \
    -l ../LANG/release-notes.LANG.sgml -p ../LANG/release-notes.LANG.po 

(fix any errors you find until you get a proper PO file there)

- go to SVN's manuals/trunk/release-notes/LANG directory
- use msgmerge to update the lenny translation:

for i in *.po ; do 
    msgmerge ../../../tags/etch/release-notes/LANG/release-notes.LANG.po $i \
     -o $i.REVIEW; 
That should generate some new PO files for review that could be used to
replace the current (empty) PO files for many languages.

I don't want to step into any team's process but if translators want help to
do this process and do it swiftly please send me a (personal) mail and I will
try to assist you.

BTW, maybe once the translation freeze is finished we could do this for the
languages that are still untranslated (but where in etch) so that new
translators have a more easy way doing the update.

Also, many changes from SGML to Dockbook SGML can be automated.

There is really *a lot* of text which is similar in etch's and lenny's
release notes. It would be a pity to put translations back to "step 0" just
because nobody some time to make this process easier for them.

Note that some translators might not have the technical expertise to do all
this process by themselves. 



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