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Massive Year-End Savings!

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Holiday Specials
Cool gadgets to fill your stockings!

Kick off the holidays with some year end savings that your company can use to purchase updated technology for your responder or first aid program.  Take advantage of the following technology deals on devices which improve first aid training & skills retention for medical emergencies. 

Prestan Manikin –$99 for each or 4 pack for $350
SAVINGS of $60!

Prestan Manikin

The new CPR Feedback Manikin that verifies compression depth and frequency are adequate during initial training & refresher skills training.  Individual manikin comes with: 10 A/C face shield lung bags and nylon carrying case; 4-pack comes with: 50 A/C face shield lunch bags and a nylon carrying case.

CPR Ezy – only $125 for each device
SAVINGS of $40!


The new CPR Feedback device that can be used real-time on adults, infants and children.  Proven validation studies have been done on this device – check it out! Device has a built in depth verification system and metronome to ensure proper compression pacing.  Help your responders or first-aiders perform CPR in compliance with protocols every time. 


First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID)  AVU5001 Revision2 – only $199!
SAVINGS of $50!


Now only 1.25” slim and with multiple language capabilities (English and Spanish standard with other languages supported per request.)  First Voice technology - Changing the Face of First Aid!  Delivers real-time or training instructions on all US Bureau of Labor Statistics which result in ER visit or hospitalizations including multiple trauma events.  Advanced Care Life Support models coming in 2009 including instructions on chricothyrotomy, drug administration, oxygen delivery, and more!


Email us or call 888-473-1777 today to place your order. Be sure to mention PROMO HS010 when calling or emailing.  Hurry…supplies are limited!

Offers only valid until December 23, 2008.  Not valid with other offers. These product specials must be purchased with major credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.
Think Safe Call Toll Free 1-888-473-1777


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