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List of modified packages between two distributions.


I have written a small script[1] to compare the list of packages
provided by two distributions. I've had such idea for a while, but I
must admit that Nokia's matrix[2] deserve some credit.

I wrote the script having in mind that the list could be linked/attached
to the release notes.

The generated file is html, and isn't translatable, but that should be
trivial to change, if you think it worth it. Just let me know.

The script can still be improved:
- for removed packages: add link to release-manager's reasons for
  dropped packages + bug.
- for new packages: link to ITP.
- for new packages that actually replace an existing one, mention it.
- Process non-free repository, so packages moved from main to non-free
  aren't considered as "removed", but marked as non-free.
... it would be sensible to rewrite the script in perl/python before
implementing those features... If the lists prove to be useful. (That's
probably going to wait for Squeeze).


[1] http://www.klabs.be/~fpiat/linux/comp-dist/
[2] http://tablets-dev.nokia.com/changes/23-14_vs_50-2_comparison.html

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