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Re: Putting lenny release notes on www ASAP?

On 2008-11-22 11:04, Jens Seidel wrote:
> Right. Nevertheless one checks normally only the trunk version out. I think
> it would be a good idea to switch to trunk as soon as working on a new
> release starts. This simplifies contribution a lot.

Yes, I agree. The branch was meant temporarily.

>  * Currently the suffix .dbk is used for DocBook/XML files. Is this a usual
>    one? Other documents I know use .xml which I prefer. (That's only a minor
>    issue but once the code is moved to trunk one can fix this as well.)

I very strongly prefer .dbk over .xml. XML is very generic
(everything is XML nowadays, right? gnumeric, dia, abiword, ...)
E.g. I have configured my Emacs nxml-mode to automatically use
the DocBook RNG schema for .dbk files. I can accept other
extensions (.docbook or whatever you like, but please not a
generic one like .xml).

>  * Currently multiple PO files are used. One for each English document.
>    I think a single PO file is much preffered.

OK, I have to check, how to handle this. Currently, it makes the
build process a little bit easier (and more aligned with the
languages, where po is not used on request of the translators)
and it allows translators to easily share their work without
having to merge later. But we can change this, if you prefer.

>  * In my older build I still found the strange filename en/release-notes..pdf.
>    Nobody noticed it yet? This will clearly make trouble once we link to this
>    file from the website. Maybe it is accessible via language code "" or ".".

This happens, if the "architecture" variable is not set during
the make run. I will change the Makefile, that this does not
happen anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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