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Re: should we recommend apt-get -> no stick with aptitude and recommend upgrade of aptitude first


For the record, I like aptitude.

The annoying bug #411123 for the mixed use of aptitude and apt-get
commands has been resolved. 

On Thu, Nov 13, 2008 at 03:03:34PM +0100, Giovanni Rapagnani wrote:
> Dear Daniel (sorry to bother you again),
> dear APT Development Team,
> what is your opinion about this question: should we recommend apt-get or  
> aptitude in the release-notes ?
> I ask that because it seems that apt performs better than aptitude at the 
> moment. Maybe, Daniel, you are aware of some issue with aptitude that 
> would not make it the preferred choice for upgrading for this release ?
> Thank you in advance.

So as long as aptitude is ugraded to lenny one first, resolver works great.

Use of aptitude gives us exit option to use interactive mode.  apt-get
is only good if there is no complication, IMHO.


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