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Bug#447774: Please mention proposed-updates


Maybe this will fit into the moreinfo.dbk of Debian release notes
I hope I did right, taking most of the text from 
If this is fine I can offer a german version, too.


The proposed-updates mechanism

If you get frustrated by waiting for some bugs to be fixed in Lenny you might 
want to check the proposed-updates repositories.
All changes to the released, stable (and oldstable) distribution go through an 
extended testing period before they are accepted into the arch
ives. Each such update of the stable (oldstable) release is called a point 
release. Preparation of point releases is done through the propose
d-updates mechanism. Accepted packages are uploaded to a separate repository 
called proposed-updates (oldstable-proposed-updates).
To use these packages with APT, you can add the following lines to your 
sources.list file:
  # proposed updates for the next point release
  deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian etch-proposed-updates main contrib 

Note that the /debian/mirrors (http://www.debian.org/mirror/list) will have 
this, it is not necessary to use this particular one, the above choice of 
ftp.us.debian.org is just an example.
New packages can arrive into proposed-updates when Debian developers upload 
them either to proposed-updates (oldstable-proposed-updates), or
to stable (oldstable). Debian's Stable Release Team regularly reviews the 
packages and decide whether to accept or reject them.
It should be noted that packages from security.debian.org are copied into the 
proposed-updates directory automatically. At the same time, packages that are 
uploaded directly to proposed-updates (oldstable-proposed-updates) are not 
monitored by the Debian security team.
The current list of packages that are in the proposed-updates repository can 
be seen at http://ftp-master.debian.org/proposed-updates.html 

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