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Re: Bug#503963: mount package needs all NFS mounts to be unmounted before upgrading

On Thu,06.Nov.08, 23:11:48, Giovanni Rapagnani wrote:
> On 05/11/08 00:56, LaMont Jones wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 04, 2008 at 10:43:08PM +0100, Giovanni Rapagnani wrote:
>>> Dear Jones,
>> LaMont, actually...
> Sorry, LaMont.
>>> "when dist-upgrading to lenny, the upgrade of mount fails if there
>>> are NFS filesystems mounted. The new version of mount requires that nfs-common
>>> be upgraded before NFS mounts will work. This is then solved by umounting NFS
>>> mounts before upgrading."
>> This is maybe a bit more specific...  And yes, it should definitely be
>> in the release notes.
>> lamont
>> ..., the upgrade of mount fails if there are NFS filesystems mounted, and
>> nfs-common is out-of-date.  Either upgrade nfs-common, or unmount any
>> NFS mounts prior to upgrading mount.
> Thank you for the correction.
> Martin, I think this should be added in section 5.3 of the release-notes, 
> the whole text becoming then:
> "Since util-linux 2.13 NFS mounts are no longer handled by util-linux 
> itself, but by nfs-common. Since not all systems mount NFS shares and to 
> avoid a standard portmapper installation util-linux only suggests 

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