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Re: Call for translations of debian-refcard (update)

W. Martin Borgert escreveu:
>> Please, send me the instructions.
> Here we go:
 > 2. Edit po4a/pt_BR.po in your favourite po-Editor (e.g. poedit,
>    Emacs po-mode, ...). Most strings are already translated, but
>    need a review. "Unfuzzy" all.
> 3. Run "make tidypo" afterwards, so that the format of the po
>    file is diff-friendly.
> 4. Check-in (svn commit) the file, if you have write access, or
>    just send it to me via mail.

Thank you for your faster answer.

I still do not have commit access to the repository. I will send to you
after the review process.

Before to send to l10n-portuguese for review, how can I check if the
translation fit (or might not) on one sheet?

Kind Regards,

Eder L. Marques
Just another weekend hacker
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