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Bug#484806: developers-reference: please suggest cloning instead of reassingning

tags 484806 + pending

Marc Haber <mh+debian-bugs@zugschlus.de> writes:
> On Sun, Jun 08, 2008 at 10:32:16AM +0200, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
>> Sounds good. Could you prepare a patch against the devref tree found at 
>> svn.debian.org/ddp/manuals/trunk/developers-reference ?
>> Maybe the current second paragraph of bullet (2) (about changing
>> severity) could be moved to a separate bullet point as well.
> Done.

Committed (as r5223), with some minor modifications:

Index: pkgs.dbk
--- pkgs.dbk	(revision 5222)
+++ pkgs.dbk	(working copy)
@@ -662,11 +662,25 @@
 If the bug is real but it's caused by another package, just reassign the bug to
 the right package.  If you don't know which package it should be reassigned to,
 you should ask for help on <link linkend="irc-channels">IRC</link> or
-on &email-debian-devel;.  Please make sure that the
-maintainer(s) of the package the bug is reassigned to know why you reassigned
+on &email-debian-devel;.  Please inform the maintainer(s) of the package
+you reassign the bug to, for example by Cc:ing the message that does the
+reassign to <email>packagename@packages.debian.org</email> and explaining
+your reasons in that mail. Please note that a simple reassignment is
+<emphasis>not</emphasis> e-mailed to the maintainers of the package
+being reassigned to, so they won't know about it until they look at
+a bug overview for their packages.
+If the bug affects the operation of your package, please consider
+cloning the bug and reassigning the clone to the package that really
+causes the behavior. Otherwise, the bug will not be shown in your
+package's bug list, possibly causing users to report the same bug over
+and over again. You should block "your" bug with the reassigned, cloned
+bug to document the relationship.
 Sometimes you also have to adjust the severity of the bug so that it matches
 our definition of the severity.  That's because people tend to inflate the
 severity of bugs to make sure their bugs are fixed quickly.  Some bugs may even

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