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Bug#484806: developers-reference: please suggest cloning instead of reassingning

On 06/06/08 at 17:35 +0200, Marc Haber wrote:
> Package: developers-reference
> Version: 3.3.9
> Severity: normal
> Hi,
> if a bug in package A affects operation of package B, the bug will be
> re-filed over and over against B if the maintainer of B just reassigns
> the bug to A.
> I therefore suggest re-wording the first paragraph of bullet (2) in
> chapter 5.8.3 to say:
>     If the bug is real but it's caused by another package, just
>     reassign the bug to the right package. If you don't know which
>     package it should be reassigned to, you should ask for help on IRC
>     or on <debian-devel@lists.debian.org>. Please make sure that the
>     maintainer(s) of the package the bug is reassigned to know why you
>     reassigned it, for example by Cc:ing the message that does the
>     reassign to packagename@packages.debian.org and explaining why the
>     bug is reassigned. Please note that a reassignment is _not_
>     e-mailed to the maintainers of the package being reassigned to, so
>     they are not going to see the bug until they do bug triage if you
>     don't Cc the reassignment.
>     If the bug affects the operation of your package, please consider
>     cloning the bug and reassigning the clone to the package that
>     really causes the behavior to avoid the bug getting invisible in
>     your package's bug list which might cause users to report the same
>     bug over and over again. You might also want to block "your" bug
>     with "their" bug to document the relationship.

Sounds good. Could you prepare a patch against the devref tree found at 
svn.debian.org/ddp/manuals/trunk/developers-reference ?

Maybe the current second paragraph of bullet (2) (about changing
severity) could be moved to a separate bullet point as well.
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