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debiandoc-sgml and UTF-8,... how to get it instaled to gluck


I did my best to get debiandoc-sgml usable for UTF-8.

I think it is quite usable with the testing version 1.2.9.

The 1.2.9 should work in stable since no special feature is used.

I have uploaded debian-reference (non-English) using it in UTF-8.  (The
English version is now build from XML which is originally in

In order for me to commit my local git repo contents to DDP Subverson
repo at aloioth, I need the DDP build machine to have few things:

 * Install debiandoc-sgml from testing by "dpkg -i ...".
 * Make en_US.UTF-8 available. (Probably, you have.)
 * XML capability (I guess you already have...)

How can I do it?  How to request such work to rt.debian.org?

Can anyone help me?


PS: I have to install locales-all to get en_US.UTF-8 working in

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