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Re: working on Debian FAQ for shipping with lenny: new package "debian-faq" (was: Re: doc-debian [...] ready for upload? [...])

Hi Jens,

Op Mon 31 Mar 2008 om 06:11:55 +0200 schreef Jens Seidel:
> On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 05:04:33PM +0200, Joost van Baal wrote:
> > The new debian-faq sourcepackage, as in SVN now, builds the new binary
> > packages:
> > 
> >  debian-faq_3.1.6_all.deb
> >  debian-faq-de_3.1.6_all.deb
> >  debian-faq-fr_3.1.6_all.deb
> >  debian-faq-it_3.1.6_all.deb
> >  debian-faq-zh_3.1.6_all.deb
> Can you please confirm that you want to ship all Chinese translations in
> a single package debian-faq-zh_3.1.6_all.deb? Currently there is only
> one but if you later decide to package also other dialects indepedently
> the naming schema would be inconsistent: zh vs. zh-tw (isn't there not
> also a third dialect?)

 joostvb@nagy:~/sv...bian.org/ddp/manuals/faq% svn commit -m 'rename
  package debian-faq-zh to debian-faq-zh-cn.  Thanks Jens Seidel for the
  heads up.'




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