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Re: Debian policy manual CVS address?

On Fri, 07 Dec 2007 13:21:27 +0200, Jari Aalto <jari.aalto@cante.net> said: 

> The reason why I asked was that I found it a bit strange to switch to
> arch,

        When we switched to arch, none of these was around.

> which has log been superceded by the more recent DVCS programs
> (darcs, bzr, hr, git).

        Firstly, I refuse to concede that arch has been "superceded". It
 is a fine VCS, for my purposes, and is very scriptable, and I have
 considerable scaffolding built around arch already.

        Arguably, bzr is a regression; I consider arch to be
 superior. darcs is also not better, since it original design goals were
 to be less functional, but simpler, than arch. This might have changed,
 but I have seen nothing that would lead me to that conclusion. I have
 not looked at Mercury or Monotone.

        I have evaluated git around debconf; and at that point it did
 not provide the functionality I have grown to like in arch.  Git has
 probably changed since then, but I don't have time to spend doing a
 thorough analysis. Probably sometime this spring.

> Judging from the rapid growth of the git being used e.g. for Debian
> packaging projects, the git seems to be a good candidate.

        This seems to be argumentum ad populum.  Popularity is not
 necessarily a convincing argument (Notate Bene: Windows XP is several
 orders of magnitude more popular than Debian).

> The git command line UI is not necessarily bet yet, but the


> documentation and features really excel in many areas. It's more
> easier also to get git support than arch nowadays.

        I have my fingers trained for arch already, and my fingers,
 having a mind of their own, do not apparently need much in the way of

        Also, I have found I can hack whatever arch suport I think I need
 myself. I do not have that option with git as yet.

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