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Re: Switching from CVS to something else

On Tue, 21 Aug 2007, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > I agree that moving the documentation CVS over to Alioth will have one
> > advantage (adding users, no need for DSA to get involved) but I don't really
> > see the advantage of switching to a different VCS for the DDP's repository.
> After some thought, I agree.  Just moving to CVS to new CVS is best.

Ok, then I should be able to planifiy that.

First of all, do we want to keep the "unix group name" of "cvs_doc" on
Alioth or should we create a new "ddp" project that I would populate with
the same members?


> Then each section (like apt-howto) can chose different VCS as long as we
> have control over build script.  That is what we lack now.  We only
> offer Makefile but its execution and copying to the web is done by
> non-DDP resources.

Yes, it's done on www-master AFAIK and thus the people who have access to
it are the members of the debwww group:
$ getent group debwww

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