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Debian Packaging Handbook project

Hi all,

we are a few wannabe-DD who think it would be really helpful to have a
comprehensive packaging manual covering just all technical topics about
making and maintaining Debian packages.

At this moment, we have the New Maintainers' Guide and a bunch of other
more or less good tutorials, anyway when one wants to make an even
simple package she/he often have to look at dozens of guides,
tutorials, manpages, manuals etc. and not infrequently this will not be
enough. So we decided to start a project aimed to collaboratively write
a packaging handbook, which should actually cover *almost all* of the
information required to create and maintain *most* packages,
efficiently using any interesting tool provided by Debian.

We have created a wiki page [1] on the official Debian wiki targeted to
organize this book. First of all, we are putting together an index with
all the related topics (we need your help for this too, of course).
We are aware that such an effort wouldn't make sense without a lot of
valuable contributions from many experienced Debian Developers, thus
we'll wait for as many feedbacks as possible from themselves.

Thanks in advance.

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianPackagingHandbook


Luca Brivio
Davide Truffa
Marco Bertorello
Francesco Pedrini

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