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Obsolete behaviours in debian-bugs manual

(Please, Cc: me, I'm not subscribed)


According to debian-devel archives, bugs are now distributed
in debian-bugs-dists since November 1996[*] ;-)
Then, debian-bugs manual must be upgraded:

- In "4.1 Followup messages":
s/debian-devel/debian-bugs-dist/ (3 occurrences)
- In "4.3 Closing bug reports":
s/on debian-devel//

Probably other changes could be made, for example:
s/^The address.*in the `Reply-To.'$//
s/are not automatically forwarded to the mailing list, so/are
automatically forwarded to debian-bugs-closed mailing list, but/

[*] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/1996/11/msg00815.html

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