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Re: Introduction

On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 04:10:44PM -0500, Rich Johnson wrote:
> If there is anything you need some help with, please do not hesitate to shoot 
> it towards me. I am currently working the the Debian KDE Extras team with 
> some development stuff, so I am here for a while :) Thanks everyone and I 
> look forward to working with you all!

One of the things I would really love is to see Debian and Ubuntu share
documentation, as many of the documentation written for Debian can be adapted
for Ubuntu and viceversa [1].

However, the current licensing used in documents in Ubuntu hinder this:

- the official documentation is licensed under the Creactive Commons
  ShareAlike license, this is considered non-free by debian-legal.
  For more information see debian-legal archives or

- the documentation at the wiki doesn't have an explicit license. The "Legal"
  footnote points to some rather generic legal information which, in absense
  of explicit permission, makes the Wiki documentation non-free.

Most, if not all already, documentation in the DDP is GPLd.

If Ubuntu's licensing were to change (say to a MIT/BSD/GPL license) we would
be able to share more documention amongst both projects. Unfortunately that's
not currently the case. Which is a pity...



[1] Actually, the same could be said for other GNU/Linux distributions such
as Fedora too...

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