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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a brief introduction about myself and offer any services 
that I may to documentation.

Name is Rich Johnson and I am currently the lead KDE/Kubuntu documentor under 
the Ubuntu Documentation Project and I am currently one of the leads for KDE 
documentation as well. I maintain quite a few manuals in both KDE and Kubuntu 
and have a vast experience with DocBook/XML and a little experience working 
with SGML. I prefer writing either KDE based de documentation, otherwise I 
can write documentation on anything that isn't de based. Right now my 
concentrations are on 7.10 system documentation for Kubuntu which really 
won't require a lot of work this go round as I completely rewrote it all for 
7.04 in a topic based layout. For KDE my concentrations are KDE 4, KDEPIM, 
and KOffice 2 as well as quite a few other extra KDE apps.

If there is anything you need some help with, please do not hesitate to shoot 
it towards me. I am currently working the the Debian KDE Extras team with 
some development stuff, so I am here for a while :) Thanks everyone and I 
look forward to working with you all!

Rich Johnson
GPG Key: 0x2E2C0124

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