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Re: Listing for release notes on DDP pages

On Sunday 15 April 2007 12:36, Josip Rodin wrote:
> > - Availability: remove the reference to ftp.d.o as we don't seem to
> >   publish the RN there anymore (and personally I don't see any added
> >   value in restoring that).
> There was value in that in that it made the release notes appear on the
> CDs.
> I checked now and the first CD and the first DVD nevertheless do have
> it in /doc/release-notes/ now; the netinst CD lacks it, but that is a
> separate matter.

The CDs get the RN through a different method now. That they are not 
included on businesscard and netinst is on purpose. Instead the README 
file includes a link to the website.

> I'll remove the broken link, but we should reconsider publishing the
> release-notes and the installation manual in the same place on all
> mirrors, in the doc/ directory, together with the FAQ. It doesn't cost
> us anything and it makes them even more convenient to find, and we
> absolutely do want users to find them.

But it also requires a lot of manual processing by FTP-masters which we 
can do without with the current methods, which also means we can work a 
lot quicker.

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