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Re: Number of languages available in d-i? (for the release notes)

>> 58 languages, including English, are supported in D-I
> This is 18 languages more than Sarge.
>> New languages (compared to Sarge) are:
> [ list of 19 languages added omitted ]
>> 11 of these languages are supported only in the graphical installer (g)
>> No longer supported languages (were supported in Sarge, not in Etch):
> [ 2 languages ]
> My math is not working fine. If you say we have 58 languages, that is 18 more
> than sarge, however 19-2 (added-removed) = 17 languages. There is an off by
> one difference here.

This should be double-checked because there are subtleties like
Esperanto not being in sarge, but being in woody

I seem to remember something about Croatian, also.

Also, the exact number for sarge should be double-checked, indeed. I
remember about 41, not 40.....but I can't tell you why the languages
status page says only 40..:-)

> I understand that the 11 languages only supported in d-i are not available in
> the language choosing menu in non-graphical installations, right? Users


> native to those languages have to enable the language *after* the
> installation is done (setting up their locale manually, installing fonts,
> etc.). Right?


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