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Bug#401317: release-notes: Chapt 4. use of aptitude etc. for upgrade


Below is the review of mass upgrade experiment as previously done.

Then I found 

Even new aptitude has issue with Conflicts/Replaces/Provides.

If we were to do manual work, why not making process simple by trimming
system first in known ways.  So if something happens, it is manageable.

So I think correct thing to do is trim system first as reported. So Let
me update it with minor comments for apt-get.

Step 1. Kernel upgrade in sarge (2.2, 2.4 --> 2.6 with udev)
Step 2. Remove all Desktop Environment in Tasksel placing "-" over it
        and do "g".  This removes many files but at least you know what
        have been removed. You never need these while upgrading.
        (Actually cyclic dependency keeps some packages)
Step 3. Point /e/a/sources.list to etch (include nonfree contrib
        if GFDL doc packages and others are needed.)
        and do "aptitide update". (Do not worry about warning)
Step 4. Partial upgrade to etch (aptitude, tasksel and its deps.)
  # aptitude install aptitude tasksel
  (See below.  It is decent situation "13 packages upgraded, 12 newly
  installed, 1 to remove and 321 not upgraded." is manageable things.)
  (If one has been not using aptitude, apt-get may be better idea in 
   the above)
Step 5. Start new aptitude and set Desktop thingy.
  # aptitude
  ... press "+" over "End-user" in "Tasks".  So we get new full
      etch desktop.
  ... press "U" to upgrade all and try resolving with "e" and "!" "g"
  ... press "Y" for `/etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg'
  ... After everythng, do it again. press "+" over "End-user".
  ... No problem (no red resolver).  "g"
  ... Hmmm... Let's remove Obsolete interactively.  "g".

(If one has been using apt-get, use of keep-all for aptitude may be an idea)

This was much saner upgrade than upgrade with Desktop.

**** See below for the mass upgrade. ******

On Fri, Dec 08, 2006 at 01:30:42AM +0900, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 06, 2006 at 11:53:56PM +0900, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > On Sat, Dec 02, 2006 at 11:12:46PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > > On Saturday 02 December 2006 15:25, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > > So far the only working method I've been able to find to upgrade that is 
> > > to use aptitude interactively (i.e. the frontend, not from the 
> > > commandline).
> > 
> > I tried 
> > vim /e/a/sorces.list
> > apt-get update; apt-get install aptitude tasksel; aptitude
> vim /e/a/sorces.list
> apt-get -y update; apt-get -y install aptitude tasksel; aptitude -y dist-upgrade
> then aptitude and place + on desktop and g 
> then again aptitude and place + on desktop and g
> Then I seen to have decent upgrade
> This is the simpliest I have done.

Here is the raionale to use apt-get instead of aptitude in the above

| root@dambo:/# apt-get install tasksel aptitude
| 69 upgraded, 50 newly installed, 91 to remove and 762 not upgraded.
| Need to get 0B/77.1MB of archives. After unpacking 218MB disk space will be freed.
| root@dambo:/# aptitude install tasksel aptitude
| 56 packages upgraded, 50 newly installed, 320 to remove and 606 not upgraded.
| Need to get 0B/63.5MB of archives. After unpacking 546MB will be freed.
| root@dambo:/# aptitude --without-recommends install tasksel aptitude
| 48 packages upgraded, 49 newly installed, 400 to remove and 544 not upgraded.
| Need to get 0B/50.7MB of archives. After unpacking 735MB will be freed.

(This does not mean this was small enough impact to the system.)

As for aptitude(etch) invoked with dist-upgrade

| The following packages will be REMOVED:
|   akode hotplug kdelibs-bin kdelibs4 libarts1 libkcal2a libkdeedu1
|   libkdepim1 libkleopatra0a libmimelib1a libmodplug0 libmusicbrainz4
|   libnewt0.51 libopenexr2 libpng10-0 libpth2 libqt3c102-mt
|   libroken16-kerberos4kth libstlport4.6 libtag1 libtidy0 libxft1
|   netkit-inetd openoffice.org-bin python2.3-glade2 python2.3-gtk2
|   python2.3-numeric xfree86-common xlibs xserver-common

openoffice.org-bin removal is something I do not want to see.

(netkit-inetd removal needs to be checked for the reason behind it but
this is OK with me.)

In etch: openoffice.org is a metapackage which installs all components
of openoffice.org and it is listed under "Tasks" -> "End-user" ->
"Desktop environment". openoffice.org-bin does not exist in etch.

Also as I opened after execution, many gnome packages are removed.
As I look back apt-get process:

| The following packages will be REMOVED:
|   abiword-common abiword-gnome abiword-help at-spi base-config bluefish
|   bug-buddy capplets dasher dia-gnome eog epiphany-browser epiphany-extensions
|   evolution file-roller foomatic-gui gcalctool gconf-editor gdm gedit gnome
|   gnome-about gnome-applets gnome-control-center gnome-core gnome-cups-manager
|   gnome-desktop-environment gnome-games gnome-gv gnome-mag gnome-media
|   gnome-nettool gnome-office gnome-panel gnome-pilot gnome-pilot-conduits
|   gnome-session gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-tools gnome-terminal
|   gnome-utils gnome-volume-manager gnomemeeting gnopernicus gnumeric gok gpdf
|   gthumb gtkhtml3.2 inkscape libatspi1.0-0 libbonoboui2-0 libeel2-2
|   libgail-common libgail-gnome-module libgail17 libgal2.2-1 libgal2.2-common
|   libglibmm-2.4-1 libgnome-desktop-2 libgnome2-canvas-perl libgnome2-perl
|   libgnomecanvas2-0 libgnomecupsui1.0-1 libgnomeprintui2.2-0 libgnomeui-0
|   libgtkhtml2-0 libgtkhtml3.2-11 libgtkmm-2.4-1 libnautilus2-2
|   libpanel-applet2-0 librsvg2-bin libsigc++-2.0-0 libvte4 nautilus
|   nautilus-cd-burner nautilus-media planner python-gnome2 python-imaging
|   python-tk python2.3-gnome2 python2.3-tk rhythmbox sketch synaptic totem
|   totem-xine vino yelp zenity

No wonder.  After playing with some upgrade (confirming apt-get install
aptitude tasksel action as what is needed to aptitude manually), I can
upgrade system in new aptitude but with all above packages removed, I
really do not see upgrading in fat system if I have to readd them
anyway.  Besides, kde and gnome desktop environment changed virtual
packages to get them all installed, missing them in upgraded system
anyway request user to go over task list.


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