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Translating the Debian manuals to Finnish

Hi all,

I have been thinking of helping in translating the Debian to Finnish. Because of time constraints, until now I have only commented on other people translations in Finnish mailing lists.

There are people already working on the debian-installer, DDTP, and web pages, but there are no translations (at least not in the CVS) of the manuals, save for the release notes of the Sarge translated by Tapio Lehtonen. Nobody on the Finnish translation list knew of work being done on these.

I'm sure that the Finnish DDs read English quite well and therefore I decided it's better to start from the user manuals. I was thinking of taking the Debian Reference or the Debian GNU/Linux FAQ as a starting point. If you think it would be better to start from some other manual, please tell.

I have read the Debian Documentation Policy draft and instructions of Debian Documentation Project CVS, but I would like to make sure I have understood correctly the following things.

Am I correct that the process of translation consist only creating a directory to CVS and translating the original files? And the package maintainers or the web admins will later take care of including the (once completed) translation to the Makefile etc. and therefore it's ok to commit unfinished work to CVS?

I don't yet have update privileges to the CVS and would also like to request them now.

Esko Arajärvi

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