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Re: Swedish translation updated

On Wed, Nov 08, 2006 at 02:59:44PM +0100, Daniel Nylander wrote:
> Another update of the Swedish translation for the Release Notes has been 
> done. Please commit.
> http://home.danielnylander.se/debian/release-notes/

Done. Please note that there is still a lot to do for the Release Notes.
So it is probably not a good idea to commit each little synchronisation
but to wait for a few larger modifications. You can continue sending
updates but if you do it regularly it's maybe better to send it via
private mail and not to the list.

Maybe you noticed, that your version is not yet online. It failed to
build in a Sarge system but I will fix it this evening, probably
by committing the generated SGML file to CVS too.

During a proofread of the generated Vietnamese files Clytie noticed a
minor issue which also occurs in release-notes.sv.pdf:

The Swedish word for "Appendix" is "Bilaga" which is also properly used
on page 27. But the header on page 28 reads: "Kapitel A. Hantara ditt
sarge-system" (uses Kapitel (Chapter) instead of Bilaga).

It would be nice if you could report it against the tetex package or
contact upstream translators (LaTeX macro package "babel") if this is
an error. (German is OK.)


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