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Bug#177523: reopen

J> This should really be a bug against individual packages; it doesn't make sense
J> to include it in policy (its obviously not ideal to include trailing
J> whitespace), or devref (people writing syslog code won't think to look there,
J> and it clutters the "Debian practices" content), or aging in the BTS.  Dan,
J> what are the relevant packages?  Have you cloned this bug against them yet?

All I know is almost any package where the author doesn't have e.g.,
show-trailing-whitespace turned on all day in emacs will have trailing
whitespace. Check with grep -c ' $', or better, pcregrep -c '\s$' on
all the non-binary files in the package. So I was hoping there was a
central place to mention it.

Here I pick some place on Debian at random, and sure enough:
$ cd /usr/share/doc
$ find mencoder/ -type f|xargs zgrep -c \ $

Probably 99% of other packages are similar.

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