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Re: [Fwd: Fix to Debian GNU/Linux System Administrator's Manual]

Jens Seidel <jensseidel@users.sf.net> writes:

>> [patch to sys-admin guide]
> thank you very much for you patch. I checked it only partially up to now
> but it looks fine.
> There are no translations up to now (except a partial Russian one), so
> the following is not very important, but please try to avoid changing
> line breaks, so that the diff becomes as small as possible, even if the
> text width is inconsistent this way. This simplifies the proofread task
> a little bit.

Yeah I wasn't sure what to do.  It is hard to supress the M-q reflex
with emacs.

> Since I lose my data partially approximately once per year because of
> hard disk failures and filesystem corruptions I need to start performing
> backups one day :-) I'm still looking for a simple tool which is aware of
> Debian/RPM packages (no need to backup unchanged binaries) and version
> control systems (no need to backup a complete checkout without changes),
> ... I will see whether the document mentions such a backup system.

Thats quite unfortunate but this chapter won't help you much.  Debian
include two powerful backup systems: Amanda and Bacula which could
replace EMC NetWorker and several light weight systems for the casual
user that don't require a big configuration overhead like rsnapshot
and others.

The guide only mention those but don't even what they do (ok it
mentions that they do backups).

If I was a new system administrator and I was to read the guide as it
is today, I would understand that Debian recommend that I buy EMC

  : \

Is there a good manual to the debian-doc ddt?  I don't know which tag
to use where.


Yannick Gingras

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