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Re: I need some help with my first steps using Debian Doc / SGML

Hi Andrei,

On Sun, May 07, 2006 at 03:05:37PM -0400, andrei raevsky wrote:
> I was told by the project maintainer that I needed to submit the
> entries using Debian Doc's SGML.  I have never used SGML, but I think
> I understand that this is a markup language which uses tags.  The tags


> which I will have to use will have to be compatible with the Debian
> Documentation Project and will look like:

> I need some help however as I am rather confused.  Please bear with me:
> 1) where can I find a list of legal tags (such as <review> or 
> <description>)?
> 2) do I need to install debiandoc-sgml-doc and if yes, what for? 

That's really a funny question, since it's obvious to me that the
debiandoc-sgml-doc package contains the documentation of
debiandoc-sgml (/usr/share/doc/debiandoc-sgml-doc/) which you
requested in 1) :-))
Just install it beside debiandoc-sgml!

> Can't I just use any text editor to enter tags & text?


> 3) how can I best check my tags before submitting them?

It is really a good idea to *always* test your file(s) using the tools in
debiandoc-sgml package:
debiandoc2latexpdf -l en yourFile.sgml
This should produce a PDF output file (you need tetex-bin and
tetex-extra package for this).

Similar tools: debiandoc2text, debiandoc2html, debiandoc2latexps

See the manual page for details (man debiandoc2html).

Feel free to look into examples (all DDP documents).
You will probably need only a few tags, such as for
 * headlines
 * item lists
 * references

You should also use a few special tags such as <file> when referring to
file or directory names, <package> for Debian packages, <prgn> for
programs, ...

> 4) is there a Debian Doc editor or an editor best suited to edit
> Debian Doc SGML documents?

Since the number of editors is finite there surely exists a best one in
this set. Which one? I don't know. I use vim, other emacs, ... it's
really your decision.


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