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I need some help with my first steps using Debian Doc / SGML


Please be patient with me here, this is a true 100% newbie question:

I offered my help to the "Debian GNU/Linux Book Suggestion"
(http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/book-suggestions/).  I am currently
collecting Debian related books in English, German and French and I
intend to include the best ones in the list of suggested books. Contrary to what was done so far, I want to add a short description of
each book.

I was told by the project maintainer that I needed to submit the
entries using Debian Doc's SGML.  I have never used SGML, but I think
I understand that this is a markup language which uses tags.  The tags
which I will have to use will have to be compatible with the Debian
Documentation Project and will look like:

<!doctype debiandoc public "-//DebianDoc//DTD DebianDoc//EN">


I need some help however as I am rather confused.  Please bear with me:

1) where can I find a list of legal tags (such as <review> or <description>)?

2) do I need to install debiandoc-sgml-doc and if yes, what for? Can't I just use any text editor to enter tags & text?

3) how can I best check my tags before submitting them?

4) is there a Debian Doc editor or an editor best suited to edit
Debian Doc SGML documents?

Many thanks,


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