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Re: hello and thanks

On 3/29/06, Cataract <cataract@metalnap.com> wrote:
> hello there. i would like to thank you for this distribution. i use
> Debian etch.
> i have a problem with the security packages. i can not download them
> from debian.org.
> i use synaptic and after the reload some packages says me fail to
> download them.
> what can i do about it?
> keep the good work.
> Thanks for you time.
> kostas
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I know this is the wrong list but by mailing debian-doc everyone can
see that kostas' problem is resolved. IIRC on my last etch install the
apt sources were configured to work with etch as the stable release
(the lines dedicated to security were security.d.o etch/updates).

The security team only make fixes for the stable release, and etch
will be supported when it will be stable. For now, you can change the
security lines in /etc/apt/sources.list by the ones listed at

Pierre Riteau

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