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Re: hello and thanks

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On 03/29/2006 06:21 PM, Cataract wrote:
> hello there. i would like to thank you for this distribution. i use
> Debian etch.

	You are welcome. :)

> i have a problem with the security packages. i can not download them
> from debian.org.
> i use synaptic and after the reload some packages says me fail to
> download them.
> what can i do about it?

	You should contact another list, neither developers-reference
or debian-doc are on-topic to your doubt. Your first contact should be
debian-user@lists.debian.org, and there are debian-user-<language>,
which means that if english is not your "mother language" you can
take a look and see if there is a user list in a preferred language.

	If it is really a problem with security repository, you should
try to contact debian-security@lists.debian.org, but my guess is that
you have just a misconfiguration, AFAIK, right now, there are no known
problems with security packages.

> keep the good work.
> Thanks for you time.
> kostas

	Kind regards,

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