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Inquiry for proposal to establish #debian-newbies


I am writing to request information on the proper procedure for
proposing a #debian-newbies channel at freenode.net.

I have used Debian for about three years, coming to it via knoppix
(having gone to knoppix because a) I had heard much good about Debian
and b) I had failed to get Debian installed successfully on my then
current machine [a compaq laptop.]   I had similarly failed to get
Potato installed on a Dell mini-tower back in 2000.  This at once
shows my standing interest in Debian and my admittedly questionable
techincal skills.)

Recently I have become aware of the great amount of informaiton easily
available in dpkg.  I know that most newbies have no clue; I've been
visiting #debian off and on for years and am only beginning to realize
the heartache I could have saved myself if I had "asked" dpkg more

During my years of visiting #debian I have, as have many others, noticed
the regulars can be rather brusque, especially when some poor soul makes
the mistake of admitting they are at #debian because #based-on-du-jour
has failed to resolve whatever problem they are having.

I believe if a #debian-newbies (or #debian-based-on or
#debain-do-not-torment-the-regulars-with-clueless-questions) were
created, and a bot similar to dkpg were set to interact directly in
channel there would be three main benefits: 1) Less annoying chatter
and noise and flaming and smiting on #debian proper, 2) Increased use
of dpkg and other non-human resources, 3) An opportunity to educate
"based on" migrants as to the valid reasons #debian regulars have to
resent the flood of clueless questions arising from the existence of
distros which owe their very life to the prior diligence of the Debian

I have confessed my technical skills are those of a dilettante.  My
skills as an educator are somewhat more credible.  I offer these
suggestions in hopes of returning value to the community that has been
so valuable to me.

Robert Thomas "beau" Hayes Link
(c)2006ISR http://www.semanticrestructuring.com
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"In dreams one is not tethered to earthly limitations."--G.T.Snail

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