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Re: Debian Reference --> XML conversion plan

On Sat, Oct 01, 2005 at 11:00:34PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Saturday 01 October 2005 22:25, Philippe Batailler wrote:
> > For "developers-reference.sgml"
> >
> > debiandoc-tidy -e dynamic.ent
> > debiandoc2dbxml -b -s developers-reference.sgml
> Is the result still human readable and maintanable?

(The current released debiandoc2xml which convert through GROFF is
not really nice since it add many funny things.)

His tool works quite well.

For me, problem was when I wanted to use it to larger docs, I wanted to
do few more things automatically and I did not have skill to hack his

 * auto conversion of "-" in id.
 * auto addition of chapter tag when empty so multi language doc is
   easier to maintain. (I was going to split doc into smaller files)
 * -tidy scritp had some input format limitation.

Adding these was much easier for me through hackinh current HTML
conversion tool. ("-" has not been done but that is =~ s/-//g)

Anyway, making alternative tool does not harm as long as new tool may
offer positive impact :-)  Besides, I did it. (I have to say that my new
tool is not yet mature as Phillips.  But with this direct converion
using debiandoc's dtd definition should have some positive impact.  I
reviewed difference of minor structure which will cause issues.  See my
other post on <list>  after <heading> and <p> in <abstract> for

In my honest opinion, Philips tool works as long as you do not mind
minor editting.


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